We finish your products

Our finishing

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a printing process which ensures an individual and high quality finishing for your glass or plastic products. With our in-house production we can print up to 3-colour designs in one printing step. The high quality print definition can be permanently maintained as well as the vividness of the colours. We achieve this quality for our glass products through burning the colors at approx. 600 egress and for our plastic products via UV light. Ultimately, it is up to you; the product proves itself from the primary packaging to the finishing. We are offering an all inclusive in-house solution.

Inside Ionization

With our (brand) new machine we silicone your cosmetic and pharmaceutic primary packaging made of glass . Through this process a special oil-water mix creates a pearl-finish which ensures that your product is almost 100% leak-proof after siliconization. There are no concerns in terms of food safety and hygiene as siliconization has been used for years in the pharmaceutical sector to barrier coat glass and medicine formulas. In the cosmetic sector, the consumer will be happy to realize that the products can be used up completely.

Pump Conversion

A further element of our production capabilities is to cut or to install standpipes and also the sub-assembly of stoppers. Our range of equipment includes various dosing pumps which we are happy to adjust to your packaging materials. After technical examination we are able to install your own stoppers.


To complete our service package, it is essential to have a professional conversion, whether it is the filling with the edge sealed machine, the repackaging including inlay working or the shrinking to a new packaging unit, we are more than happy to produce all products directly in-house. A good conversion does not only provide a high stability but also gives your product the best possible protection against external influences.

Hot Embossing

Hot embossing is a further form of finishing where thin plastic foil is fixed on the primary packaging through a high-pressure process by means of pressure and heat. To obtain the silver glance, an aluminium coating is evaporated on the foil in a vacuum. The stamping foil itself can also have structures.