Key Facts

Product safety

An Airless dispenser preserves the integrity of your product. This is guaranteed by isolating the atmospheric air. Therefore, the Airless dispenser is perfectly suitable for oxidative sensitive products and at the same time enables you to reduce preservatives.

Shelf life

An Airless dispenser is a closed system. Your product has no contact whatsoever with the external environment during storage and while using it; and has therefore a longer shelf life.

High restitution rate

The Airless dispenser also impress ecologically due to the high restitution rate.


Since the handling is easy through pressing, it enables to dispense the application quantity precisely.


The Airless system can be applied in any required position (360 degrees).


Since the mechanical assembled Airless system works without propellants they are environmental friendly and safer for the user.


There is rarely a range of products found that offers you so many designs.

This system can be used for pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic products such as lotions, cremes, gel, ointments and pastes. By now several Airless systems can also be found for peelings and even the technical applicability utilises the handling benefits (e.g. greases).

Airless dispensers are made of plastic (PP/PE). The vast majority of our dispensers have no metal parts.

The systems can be perfectly finished with our screen printing process or through hot embossing. Additionally, the various Airless dispenser parts can be coloured individually for defined order quantities.

There are two different variants.

Top Fill – Supplied in two parts
The Airless dispenser will be filled from above and then locked with the cap.

Bottom Fill – Supplied in three parts
The Airless dispenser will be filled from the bottom and then locked with a piston with valve and a bottom plate.